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We offer renting a variety of both true vintage and reproduction clothing and accessories for different purposes - photshoots, themed parties, etc. The rental price is determined by the total value of loaned items. We lend up to one week for 20% of the total price. The price is for three day rental (usually Friday - Monday). The minimum amount required to spend is 500CZK. We require a security deposit to be paid in advance in cash in full amount, which will be given back after returning rented items - minus the cost of renting and any possible penalisations causd by tardiness or damage to the items.  

Our reproductins are all handpicked and altered to look as historically accurate as possible, unlike most "1920s/30s party costumes" you can get at costume rentals, which look cheap and do not correspond to the historical fashion at all. You can be certain, that no matter what occassion you decide to lend our reproductions for, you'll be the star of the whole thing! And if you decide to choose our actual true vintage pieces, you'll be wearing almost 100 years old clothing that has survived until now in great condition - and that's just the perfect conversation topic!

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An example or reproduction of 1920s clothes with true vintage accessories:



 You can see more pictures at OUR LOOKBOOK or MY PERSONAL INSTAGRAM.



The pricelist updated by 1.1.2020:

DRESSES 1500,- 2000-9000,-
SHIRTS/TOPS 500,- 1000-1500,-
SKIRTS 800,- 1000,-
UNDERWEAR 300,- 500-2000,-
HATS 1200,- 2000-2500,-
SHOES 700,- 1000,-
HANDBAGS/PURSES 500,- 500-2000,-
GLOVES 200,- 500,-
JEWELRY AND HEADPIECES 100-1500,- 400-2000,-
OTHER ACCESSORIES (parasols, shawls, collars) 200-1000,- 600-2000,-


The total sum consists of 20% of the stated price for each day.


An example - renting the black outfit in the first picture for three days (Friday-Monday) :

The total amount - security deposit:

 - dress - 1500,-
 - gloves - 200,-
 - headpiece + bracelet + necklace - 1200+100+300,-
 - true vintage handbag - 500,-
 - shoes - 700,-

 = 4600,- security deposit

20% of the security deposit = total amount = 920,- per the weekend

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Edited 2020