Aristokrat Vintage - original antique and true vintage apparel for women

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We will purchase any estate of vintage clothing and accessories for women - as long as it's dated between 19th century and 1960s. We are mainly interested in pre-WWII things.

The pieces don't have to be in mint condition, we buy even heavily damaged things, however it does impact the price.


Things we are interested in:


- shirts/tops, skirts, coats, capes

- hats, headpieces

- shoes

- purses

- gloves, shawls, boa

- costume jewelry and jewelry, belts

- parasols, umbrellas

-  wigs

- theater/movie costumes

- underwear, corsets, girdles, stockings, swimsuits

- cosmetics (lipstick, compact powder)

- fashion magazines

- shop mannequins


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Edited 2020